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What’s Clacking: Snapzu Mech Tribe, KappaKapps and 1Up Keyboards Interview, and more!

  • Reddit has been up in flames the last few days with drama surrounding the firing of a beloved leader, and I was informed via Mod Mail at /r/mechanicalkeyboards that a Tribe (aka subreddit) was started for mechanical keyboards at Snapzu. Snapzu is another community based forum platform. Right now the mechanical keyboard community at Snapzu is extremely small, probably partially due to the fact that there is a slight waiting list to get an invite code to even join Snapzu. That being said this is a fantastic time for reddit refugees as well as people that just want to support a new forum dedicated to mechanical keyboards to get aboard.
  • A great interview with KappaKaps and 1Up Keyboards was recently posted on /r/MechMarket. For those of you that don’t know, MechMarket is a subreddit for buying/selling/trading mechanical keyboards and related items.
  • I’m going to keep it short and sweet today so everyone can spend time with family and friends on this holiday weekend. Happy Independence day! For on the non US readers I will still wish you all a stellar weekend! Tomorrow lookout for the first post in “Andy’s Room” (see my play on Toy Story there ;), a new weekly post for slow Sundays where I will discuss some keyboard related topics as well as talk about some of the many other projects/hobbies.

Photo Source: KappaKapps

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