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What’s Clacking: Upcoming Custom CM Storm TKi Giveaway, Cosmos Sale, and more!

  • After Tweeting back and forth with Cooler Master and showing them my hydro-dipped Novatouch, they ended up liking it so much that they are wanting to do a TKi giveaway for a fully customized TKi, done up by me! I will not only do a review of the TKi, but also keep a work log of the modifications and post that as well. I will officially announce the giveaway after I have the finished keyboard! This is a very cool move by CM Storm and I am excited to have a fully loaded keyboard to giveaway to the community. I plan on having it hydro-dipped, have a custom coiled cable made, and get some good keycaps for it.
  • Bro Caps has launched the Cosmos Sale on [CTRL]ALT. There is only a few hours left to jump in, so if you want to try to win the lottery for a cap head over there now.
  • The GMK QMX Clips are only a few weeks from shipping out. This is a very exciting product that claims to lower the noise level of a keyboard by almost 10db. I hope to have a hands-on review for you around the release date.

Photo Source: Cooler Master

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  1. Aaron

    Looking forward to KeyChatter’s second keyboard giveaway ; )

  2. Avatar

    I thought I was signed up to GMK’s mailing list but haven’t received anything from them…. Any word on how the QMX clips are going to be sold?

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