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What’s Clacking: Ducky Shine 5 RGB release date, Leopold keycaps, and optical switches

  • Ducky stated on their Facebook page that they plan to release their new Ducky Shine 5 RGB in August. This will be one of the first new RGB keyboards to hit after Corsair’s exclusivity rights for Cherry RGB recently ended. Ducky has long been one of the favorite brands of the community and was even voted as the favorite brand by a large margin on a Reddit survey of nearly 2000 people last year.
  • Leopold is going to start selling their thick Dye-Sub PBT keycaps separately. Leopold has often been regarded as having some of the nicest PBT keycaps around to to their thickness (1.5mm) and overall quality. If/when these keycaps will be available outside of Asia is still unknown.  Pricing for a 104 key set that will fit a standard keyboard is ~$41. Hopefully someone like Massdrop or retailers like Elite Keyboards or will be able to make these more widely available within the US. (A little bird told me that Massdrop is already looking into this, sweet!)
  • Adomax has developed a new switch called the Flaretech that is completely different than any mechanical switch on the market today. The Flaretech is an optical switch, which means it uses infrared light as it’s method of input detection. The huge benefit to this over traditional mechanical switches is that the switch is not “open/closed” like the standard switches today, but can sense “how far” the switch has been actuated. This gives a whole new level of control to the keyboard, and could be especially useful in gaming applications. Other notable features include a Cherry MX compatible stem, along with backlighting that illuminates the entire key, including the stem. Possibly the most exciting feature though is that the entire switch is easily removable from the base plate without any soldering, meaning you can swap out Flaretech switches on the fly. This will not only make repairs much easier, but per-key customization will be available on a scale never seen before. No release date has been set, but it is reported that more than a few peripheral makers stopped by their booth at Computex to show their interest.

Photo Source: Ducky UK Facebook

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  1. Aaron

    Flaretech reminds me of the Smart keyboard project… I know Massdrop was trying to offer it but things fell through, I believe because the factory they were working with went under. Too bad, I would really like to have a Cherry 60% with swappable switches.

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