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What’s Clacking: Barebones Novatouch on Massdrop, Hemingwrite rebranding, and more!

  • The Kickstarter funded Hemengwrite has now been rebranded as the Freewrite. Highlights of this electronic typewriter include an E-ink screen, a battery life of 4 weeks, and Cherry MX switches. The goal of the Freewrite is to provide distraction free writing on a very familiar platform.  The modified 60% layout will be very familiar to many keyboard enthusiasts as well.
  • The Typographic Postcard has tipped with huge excess on Kickstarter, and is the perfect companion when giving a gift to the keyboard enthusiast in your life. The postcards have a nice minimalistic design with the cover messages all being written out by vintage keycaps.
  • The Super NovaTouch that is currently on Massdrop launched with a $200 price due to the fact that it came with the SuperNova keycaps designed by Matt3o. Due to community feedback about wanting a “no keycap option” they have talked to Cooler Master and can now sell the Novatouch without keycaps on the drop. This option takes a whopping $70 off the final price, bringing the price down to $140 after shipping. To see the price without keycaps simply “Join Drop” and under keyboard options select the “Barebones Novatouch” to take the $70 off the listed price. This is a fantastic opportunity to try out a Topre keyboard if you’ve been on the fence about it.
  • Jack from OrtholinearKeyboards has started a keyboard podcast called “Board Makers” and released the first episode this week. This is a very well done podcast,  and the first episode touches on keycap materials, Plancks, and keyboard economics.

Image Source: Freewrite Kickstarter 

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