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What’s Clacking: MorbidStix Hydro-Dipping, Novatouch on Massdrop, Fallout keycaps, and more!

  • MorbidStix has just created a page on their website that is specifically geared towards keyboard case hydro-dipping after positive feedback from both the Reddit and GeekHack communities.  At only $29, this is an extremely affordable way to add a completely unique touch to any keyboard. It does require that you take the top case off of your keyboard and send it in, but the removal of most cases is extremely easy. Here is a video on the hydro-dipping process if you aren’t familiar with how it works. I have personally had multiple keyboards done by the guys at MorbidStix, including their very first keyboard case, and been extremely pleased with the results. See my 1976 Keyboard Gallery for the fantastic results of their work.
  • The Novatouch has finally made an appearance on Massdrop. It has been dubbed the “Super NovaTouch” due to the fact that it comes with “SuperNova” PBT keycaps designed by the prolific community member Matt30. The keycaps were designed to be reminiscent of the old space cadet colorway and will be produced by Vortex. If you just want the keycaps then you’re in luck, because they have their own drop as well.
  • For those of you excited about Fallout 4 after the E3 release announcement, there is currently an interest check on GeekHack for a new set of Fallout novelties. This time around novelty sets are being made to match popular retro styled keycap sets including 1976, Jukebox, and Nuclear Data.
  • Vortex has hinted at not one, but two new members of the Poker family on their Facebook wall, referring to them as the “POKER IV(4) and POKER V(5)” in the photo’s comments. There is no information yet as to what these models may actually be, so any “details” should be considered nothing more than rumors at this point. Speculations (ahem, rumors) seem to suggest a backlit and RGB variant of the POK3R, but only time will tell.

Image Source: Vortex Facebook Page

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  1. Aaron

    Did CM redesign the stabs on the Novatouch? The earlier models didn’t have exposed wires like that…

    Come on, Topre Poker…

  2. livingspeedbump

    Yeah a 60% Cherry compatible Topre keyboard will make a pile of money. A big pile.

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