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What’s Clacking: GH60 on Massdrop, Quark top plates for sale, Ducky Shine 5 RGB, and more…

  • Ortholinear Keyboards has released the Quark top plate, which is something we are very excited about. Although the Quark plates are compatible with all of the Planck cases and middle pieces, the keys are staggered like a traditional keyboard which will help make it more accessible to users that aren’t yet ready to switch to an ortholinear keyboard layout. The Quark is 20% smaller than a POK3R, and currently only has a hand-wiring option. Stay tuned for a full quark build log soon where we will walk you through both the physical and firmware build.
  • The Ducky Shine 5 was introduced at Computex 2015. Before this year Corsair had exclusive rights to Cherry RGB switches, which really limited the RGB keyboard market. While there aren’t many hard facts on the release date or price, there is some great footage of the Shine 5 showing off it’s colors at Computex. Many of Ducky’s recognizable lighting modes can be seen in the footage, but now in full RGB glory. This will be a keyboard worth paying attention to.
  • The KC60 (sadly, this is not a reference to KeyChatter) hit Massdrop today, and has already hit it’s lowest price of $75 just hours after the drop began. Details are pretty sparse, but we will have the sample in our hands in a few days to give it a complete run-down and answer as many questions that the community has been asking as possible. What details we do have so far is making this a promising keyboard nonetheless. There are options for dye-sub or laser engraved PBT keycaps, a variety of plate mounted Cherry and Gateron switches, and options for white or black variants.  All models will have programmable layers and white backlighting. The KC60 really combines some of the best features of the ever popular POK3R and V60 together, all for a very affordable price. Even with few details, this is an exciting keyboard.
  • Speaking of Massdrop, Jukebox has hit its tipping point of 100. This is a very dear set to us as it was created by new owner/editor-in-chief Andy (aka livingspeedbump) with help from both the GeekHack and Reddit communities. Jukebox is a sculpted SA profile keyset that Signature Plastics will be producing, and features vintage 50’s vibes. There are still 8 days left on the drop, giving you plenty of time to head over to Massdrop to check it out!

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  1. Aaron

    I want to know if the KC60 uses the GH60 PCB, and whether those purple keycaps are the dyesub option…

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