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GALLERY: Hydro-Dipped Novatouch with 1976 Keycaps



This is a CM Storm Novatouch with 1976 SA profile keycaps produced by Pimp My Keyboard. The hydro-dipping was done by the great guys over at MorbidStix. This is one of my favorite “every day usage” keyboards.


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  1. Aaron

    Nice gallery. I’ve never heard of hydro-dipping before. What does that involve?

  2. livingspeedbump

    First a base color is sprayed over the item, then the extremely thin graphic is placed in water and the item is dipped into the water quickly, which evenly applies the graphic. Finally a base clear coat it added to make sure it lasts 🙂 This lets you get all kinds of professional looking patterns on pretty much any material without having the excess or unevenness that things like vinyl wrapping cause.

  3. Aaron Hong

    Very nice looking! Hydrodipping seems like a great idea. I’d imagine if they use it for custom gaming controllers it would be pretty resistant to wear and tear.

  4. livingspeedbump

    Yes, I have had some of the controller skins for my Xbox One much longer than I’ve had the keyboard, and even with constant wear on the same places there are no signs of actual wear on the controller itself. So this is NOT like plastidip or other temporary alternatives, this is definitely a permanent solution.

  5. Avatar

    beautiful ><

  6. Avatar

    Can these fit on any keyboard?

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