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Keyboard Potpourri: Planck PCBs for sale, first Pok3r review, Matias ALPS keycaps available

  • Ortholinear Keyboards’ new Planck PCBs are now for sale. This is a significant milestone for the Planck project, which previously required full hand-wiring. The new PCBs support both Cherry MX- and ALPS-compatible switches, have all components pre-soldered, support multiple layouts, and are fully programmable. They also pair nicely with the new Planck milled aluminum bottoms. PCB orders will ship late April/early May. I’ve placed my order, so look for my Planck review soon.
  • Rhinofeed has posted a good video review of the Pok3r on Youtube. It’s the first full-length Poker III review I’ve seen online, so be sure to check it out.
  • Reddit user /u/deweysdecimal has gotten word from Matias that replacement ALPS ABS keycap sets are now available. PBT sets should follow shortly.

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