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Keyboard Potpourri: New entry model Royal Kludge RG928, new Cherry-profile keycaps from JTKeycaps

  • Royal Kludge, the Chinese keyboard manufacturer with the RGB backlit Topre clone, has announced an upgrade to its RG928 entry-level backlit MX clone board. The new model is also called the RG928 (not even with a Mk. II designation, apparently), and features single-color backlighting with effects like “ripple” and “meteor” as well as lighting programmability. It uses Greetech switches like the Das Keyboard 4C I recently reviewed. So far, Massdrop has been the only USA seller to import any Royal Kludge keyboards, so whether we get this keyboard in the states will likely depend on them.
  • [CTRL]Alt has announced a collaboration with a new company called JTKeycaps. The samples they’ve shown so far are doubleshot Cherry-profile thick ABS, which makes this partnership a direct threat to GMK, the German firm that owns Cherry’s old keycap molds and machinery. [CTRL]Alt says these keycaps will be cheaper than existing options, and custom legends will be available. More news as it’s available.
  • BONUS: It looks like there’s a new keyboard blog on the scene – http://roastpotatoes.github.io/. Looks like it has some good content so far, so check it out!

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