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Keyboard Potpourri: New ErgoDoxes, new worldwide keyboard retailer Corus, Pok3r updates, and MUCH more!

The last week and a half has been super busy at KeyChatter, with new reviews of the Keycool Hero 104 RGB and Das 4C Ultimate, plus the hugely successful Triumph Adler launch. Daily keyboard news and group buy tracker updates have been lagging, but don’t fret bros, because I’ve got a huge update for you today covering 3/22 – 3/31. There’s been a ton of news in the mechanical keyboard world, so let’s get to it.

  • Yesterday, Massdrop announced the Infinity ErgoDox, an update to Dox’s original design. The new model features two independently operable halves, improved programmability, ALPS switch support, USB 3.0, and LCD screens to display layer information. Also, all components except switches are now pre-soldered, significantly lowering the barrier to entry for folks not interested in soldering SMD components. Not included: a full-hand option, tenting, Bluetooth, or an improved thumb cluster. But clocking in at the same $199 price, it’s hard to argue with.
  • Coincidentally, the ErgoDox EZ project, a pre-assembled old-style ErgoDox, launched just a few days prior to the Infinity ErgoDox on 3/26. That’s a tough break for the project founders, who are only 53% funded. The Infinity ErgoDox has nearly twice the number of buyers already.
  • KBT Europe has posted the POK3R English user manual, which confirms what we already knew. And, it looks like KBT is partnering with a new retailer called Corus Keyboards, which has warehouses all over the world, including the USA. Currently, their site has Poker IIIs available for pre-order. They’re priced at $119-$129, shipping April 16.
  • On that note, Corus Keyboards also has a keyboard posted called the Ganss GS87, a barebones backlit TKL I hadn’t heard of before.
  • FalbaTech, which offers bespoke pre-made ErgoDoxes, says GH60s are “coming this summer.” The original GH60 group buy has still not delivered, more than two years after its start.
  • During some back-and-forth tweeting with Cooler Master USA, I learned that they’re now openly marketing the Novatouch’s use of Topre switches, thanks to a “closer working relationship” with Topre. Previously, they’d carefully avoided any mention of Topre. Coupled with earlier indications of a 60% Novatouch, I’m pretty excited to see what’s in store.
  • Another self-discovery: while browsing Corsair’s site, I found this FAQ which says their Cherry RGB exclusivity agreement was for the 2014 calendar year only, which means it’s been expired for three months already. This may be old news for some of you, but I wasn’t previously clear whether the 1-year agreement lined up with the calendar year or not. So… where are all the Cherry RGB boards?!?
  • just received some Leopold FC660Ms, and already has more on the way. People have been pushing them to carry Leopold products ever since EliteKeyboards dropped the brand last year. It remains to be seen whether they’ll carry the Topre FC660C or other boards, but this is a promising sign.
  • Also Leopold-related, as per this thread on GeekHack, Leopold is finally fixing its wonky spacebar stabilizer widths on the FC750R and FC660M. Corrected tenkeyless models now bear the designation FC750RT, though it sounds like there has been no “T” extension on the FC660M.
  • e finally have some details on availability of Ducky Cities spacebars: they’ll be selling three 3-piece sets starting next month. Also see here.

Finally, don’t forget to join KeyChatter’s first group buy, GMK Triumph Adler. It’s set to become the biggest keycap group buy ever, so don’t miss out!

What’s the most exciting news for you? Let me know in the comments!

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