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GMK Triumph Adler is now LIVE on Massdrop!

KeyChatter’s first group buy, GMK Triumph Adler, is now LIVE on Massdrop! This Cherry MX keycap set is the culmination of 6+ months of planning and negotiation. It’s your chance to own a replica of one of the rarest and most beautiful MX keycap sets of all time.

The Triumph Adler G8x-x000 set has curious origins and a storied history, so click through to Massdrop to read all about it. Here’s a summary:

Originally manufactured in 1989, these keyboards were only briefly sold with mail-order 286 machines in Europe. They were originally bright blue, but thanks to a serendipitous flaw in the plastic mixture, they aged over time to a beautiful teal color. Very few sets were produced in the first place, and 99% were lost to time. Fewer than 10 boards are known to exist today.


Until now, the few remaining copies of this keycap set have traded hands only among privileged collectors, out of reach to you and me.


But that’s all about to change.


After long negotiations, GMK, a German electronic design firm that now owns the original Cherry keycap molds and manufacturing equipment, has agreed to produce 100% authentic replicas of the Triumph Adler Dario 286 keycap set. Because GMK has to carefully mix and replicate the aged plastics, this will be a limited-time, exclusive chance to get your hands on one of these sets. In all likelihood, these caps will never again be produced on planet Earth. 🙂


I, along with Photekq from GeekHack, have carefully updated the original layout so the replicas will fit on almost any modern keyboard, including Poker IIs, QFRs, Filcos, KULs–you name it.

You can also read more about the set herehere, here, here, and here. This is a groundbreaking group buy for a lot of reasons.

This keycap set covers almost all modern Cherry MX keyboards; if you’re not sure about yours, ask!

Click here to view and purchase GMK Triumph Adler on Massdrop!


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