Ducky Bangkok spacebar

Posted On 03/19/2015 By In News

Keyboard Potpourri: Pok3r updates, Planck cases, another Ducky skyline spacebar, and more!

  • RRP is now looking to be €119 due to weaking [sic] €. (unconfirmed)
  • No LED option at first, nor will the PCB be compatible [at first] (confirmed)
  • Black metal case (confirmed), white in next batch (confirmed)
  • PBT key caps with laser legends (confirmed)
  • UK, DE, NOR layout in first batch (confirmed)
  • Red, Blue, Brown and Clear Cherry MX switches – blue not available in DE or NOR layout (confirmed)
  • 3 Programmable layers (confirmed)
  • Planck milled aluminum cases are now available for pre-order. They’re expected to ship around April 20, at which time PCBs should also be ready.
  • Ducky has unveiled another skyline spacebar, and this time it looks to be Bangkok. Still no info on when these will be available. See the other two styles here and here.
  • Apple and Google are conducting research into keyless keyboards. I guess this is the next step after the super-thin Butterfly switch. 🙁
  • BONUS: Check out this awesome 100% 3-D printed mechanical keyboard.

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