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Keyboard Potpourri: Signature Plastics G20 gaming keycaps, Trickey modular mechanical keyboard, and Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum

  • Signature Plastics is now offering full sets of its new G20 “eSports Gaming” profile. G20 is a row-independent profile like DSA, but flat on top instead of dished, and has a slight front to back slope. G20 keycap walls are also steeper, which creates a larger surface area that SP claims is better for gaming. SP is currently selling sets to cover standard keyboards and the ErgoDox. Several colors are available. Check out G20 here.
  • There’s an interesting new modular mechanical keyboard on Kickstarter called Trickey. Trickey lets you build a custom keyboard using fully programmable 2×3 6-key modules. It’s a niche product for sure, but could have some interesting applications for musicians, artists, lighting controllers, etc. Unfortunately, Tricky is insanely expensive. $99 only gets you a single module; 6 units (36) keys will set you back a cool $715. 😮 Read more at Tom’s Guide.
  • Tesoro has released yet another keyboard: the Lobera Spectrum. This keyboard ups the ante versus last year’s Lobera Supreme by adding per-key RGB (The Supreme only had per-keyboard RGB). Like the Supreme, the Spectrum is designed for gamers and can be programmed with up to 300 macros. It’s Tesoro’s third RGB board altogether, the other model being the minimalist, executive-style Excalibur Spectrum.

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