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Keyboard Potpourri: Planck PCBs, ErgoDox EZ pre-orders, Das Keyboard teaser, and more!

  • Jack Humbert from has announced he’s ordered an initial run of Planck prototype PCBs. Planck 40% keyboard kits have been available for several months, but no PCB meant that matrices had to be hand-wired, a tedious and error-prone process. PCBs will make it much easier to build your own Planck. Jack also mentioned he’s experimenting with SIP sockets to allow solderless switch swapping. Now that would be a great salve to the indefinitely-on-hold Smart 68 keyboard project. I’m going to be first in line for a prototype PCB, and if I can get my hands on one, I’ll post a full review.
  • A keyboard enthusiast couple from Israel, Erez Zukerman and Yaara Lancet, have teamed up for the ErgoDox EZ project. The ErgoDox EZ is based on the official ErgoDox design, but will be mass-produced, pre-assembled, and come with a factory warranty. Plus, no soldering required. To get the project off the ground, they need a critical mass of at least 100 pre-orders. The pre-order price will be $190, a $60 savings compared to the expected $250 MSRP.
  • Das Keyboard is teasing a new product and offering a chance to win… one of whatever it is. This is a nice surprise, as I wasn’t expecting another product so soon after the Das Keyboard 4C. (Keep an eye out for KeyChatter’s upcoming Das 4C review, by the way.) Let’s hope they’re not crying wolf like WASD did earlier this week.
  • Turtle Beach’s IMPACT 700 full-size keyboard with Cherry MX Browns is on its way to the USA and UK. In other news, whoever named the company is on his way to a Phish concert.
  • The KeyboardCo has blogged highlights from Bruce’s reddit AMA.
  • Yesterday, Razer announced the release of the Chroma Beta SDK, which allows game developers to control the RGB backlighting found in Razer Chroma products like the BlackWidow Chroma and DeathAdder Chroma mouse.

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  1. Avatar

    Looking closely at the picture in the Turtle Beach keyboard:

    it seems they will use Costar stabilizers (shiny metal bars can be seen below the space bar and 0 keypad keys). Also has a standard bottom row, and it seems it will be backlit (because of white backplate and keycap legends).
    There was a recent post at geekhack listing OEMs, and it seems that SolidYear mostly made keyboards with non-standard bottom rows, while Costar makes standard bottom rows.

    So… maybe TurtleBeach uses Costar as OEM?? Pure speculation though.

    This is interesting because I’ve been looking at plain shaped full-size mechanical keyboards to recommend to family and friends, with compact borders (like Rosewill RK-9000, Thermaltake Poseidon Z, Wasd’s), but it seems that the price will be very high for this one.

    Maybe their TKL will be nice too.


  2. Avatar

    Other than the brand and marketing to gamers, is there a justifiable reason the IMPACT 700 is $200? That’s $30 more than Razer’s chroma blackwidow which is already arguably overpriced.

  3. Aaron

    @Shibbyllama – The source article notes a “steel-reinforced chassis” (not sure if they’re just talking about a plate, or something more) and audio jacks (not sure if there’s a sound card/amp in there, or if it’s just pass-thru). Do these features make it worth $200? Not really, but those seem to be the features it has going for itself.

    @Keyhopper – Could be. When recommending plain full size boards to non-enthusiasts, I usually mention Ducky Zero series, CM storm, although these days it’s hard to find any non-mainstream brands in stock.

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