WASD keyboards big surprise announcement

Posted On 03/02/2015 By In News

WASD Keyboards promises a “BIG announcement” tomorrow at 9am PST, here are my predictions

WASD has tweeted that we should expect a “BIG announcement” tomorrow at 9am PST. Here are my predictions:

  • 30% chance it’s a new 60% keyboard
  • 30% chance it’s new WASD V3 tenkeyless and full-size boards
  • 20% chance it’s an overhaul to their custom keycap printing capabilities
  • 10% chance they’re going to start offering Topre keycaps
  • 5% chance it’s a new Topre keyboard
  • 4% chance it’s some other new product
  •  1% chance they’ve come around and are changing to ESDF Keyboards

Total = 100%

Tune in tomorrow for the full reveal with my analysis. 🙂

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar

    If they announce PBT key caps, they’ll have a new customer!

    But I think that mainstream manufacturers have moved in the following progression:
    1) Plain full size mechanical keyboards
    2) Introduce TKL layout variants
    3) Introduce backlighting
    4) Programmable backlighting
    5) RGB backlighting

    So they are probably going to announce something related to backlighting.
    Or a 60% layout as you said.

    I wish they stopped the backlighting race and focused on making PBT caps by default.


  2. Aaron

    I’ll be disappointed if it’s just backlighting. But yes, if they’re now doing custom PBT caps, with dyesubbing, I will also order a set.

  3. SpikeBolt

    Apparently the big announcement is brown switches on the code. THAT’S BIG FOLKS!!!!


  4. Aaron

    I’m no social media expert but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to under-promise and over-deliver… not the opposite…

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