Digilog Realforce aluminum case

Posted On 03/02/2015 By In News

Only 1 Digilog aluminum Realforce case left on eBay

If you have a Realforce tenkeyless Topre keyboard, you might be interested in picking up a Digilog aluminum replacement case for it. eBay seller expidkorea is the only place to import one of these puppies from Korea, and after many months he seems to be down to his last unit (click here for auction link). I’m not sure whether he’ll restock, or even if these cases are still in production–so you might want to jump on the opportunity if you’ve been considering one.

The Digilog case is one of only two replacement Realforce cases in existence. The other is this KBDMOD case, which is even harder to find than the Digilog (and less attractive in my opinion, with the engraved logo).

KBDMOD Realforce replacement aluminum case

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  1. Ophidian

    God that keyboard looks amazing in the digilog case.

  2. Aaron

    Yeah. I actually posted a couple videos of mine last week: http://www.keychatter.com/tag/typing-tests/

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