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Keyboard Potpourri: White Ducky Shine 4, Poker III delay, V60 firmware update, and more

Happy Monday! Here’s what happened over the weekend in the mechanical keyboard world:

  • Ducky has announced a white version of its Shine 4 backlit Cherry MX keyboard. The Shine 4, released late last year, is Ducky’s current full-size flagship keyboard, and like most Ducky keyboards, it’s designed for backlight lovers. The full-size white Shine 4 will be available in April. Still no word on a tenkeyless version.
  • spoonraker on Reddit asked Vortex for an update on the POK3R release date, and was told, “Launch date will postpone, due to we found more bugs and need to modify it.” The previous rumored release was February/March 2015, but given that Vortex is notorious for product delays, this setback is not particularly surprising. Read more about the Poker III here and here. The good news is that evidence is mounting that the price will be close to $100–an amazing value, considering its new features and aluminum case. If you can’t wait for the Poker III, you can find some Poker IIs on eBay.
  • KBParadise has released a firmware update for the V60 Mini, intended to correct extraneous character output. Download it from this KBParadise Dropbox link.
  • Win a Keyed Up Labs hat via the KUL Facebook page. The KUL ES-87 tenkeyless Cherry MX keyboard and new colored top cases are available on Amazon.
  • A Chinese tech website has posted a bunch of photos of the Royal Kludge RC930 RGB Topre clone keyboards I reported on last month. These keyboards are essentially cheaper, RGB backlit versions of the CM Storm NovaTouch, the first Topre keyboard to feature Cherry MX keycap compatibility. Unlike the Novatouch, they use knock-off switches, not authentic parts, but if they turn out to be decent quality copies, they’ll be interesting (and cheaper) alternatives to the Novatouch.

Finally, remember to visit and bookmark the KeyChatter mechanical keyboard group buy tracker–it’s updated every 48 hours and helps you find cool, exclusive products. There are a lot of good GBs active right now.

Image source: Ducky

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    I’m new to the site (but not to mechanical keyboards). This keyboard news section is great! Please keep it up!

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