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Keyboard Potpourri: New Unicomp, Filco, Realforce, and more!

  • Unicomp has released a new mammoth 122-key keyboard, the PC122-5250. It’s available on Unicomp’s website in black or white for $99. Like all Unicomp mechanical boards, the PCC-122-5250 uses IBM Model-M style buckling spring switches.
  • Filco has released an “Italian Red” version of its Convertible 2. The Convertible 2, which came out late last year, is a Bluetooth version of the full-size Majestouch 2. I wouldn’t count on the Italian Red Convertible 2 coming to the USA anytime soon, but if anyone’s going to export them, my money is on our friend widebasket on eBay.
  • JUSTSYSTEMS has released a new full-size 108UW-HiPro Topre Realforce keyboard. It’s almost identical to the Realforce 104UK-HiPro, but bears a JUSTSYSTEMS logo, comes in the JIS layout, and includes a few extra red replacement keycaps. Again, your best bet to snag this one will be to watch widebasket’s eBay store.
  • Thermaltake has released the COMMANDER rubber dome keyboard, which features Cherry-MX compatible keycap stems. However, it has a bizarre Dell-style bottom row, so you wouldn’t be able to fully outfit it with a replacement Cherry MX keycap set even if you wanted to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Corsair still hasn’t offered a solution to its K70 RGB debacle, but maintains that a fix is coming. The controversy started when Corsair’s Cherry MX RGB keyboards–the first to feature genuine Cherry MX RGB switches–advertised 24-bit color (16.8 million colors) but proved capable of displaying only 512 colors.
  • Two eSports teams, Cloud9 and Team SoloMid, have signed a deal to exclusively use Logitech G peripherals (headsets, mice, mouse pads, and of course, keyboards) for the next year. I’m guessing most players will choose from the higher-end Logitech G boards, namely, the G910 Orion Spark or the G710+.

Image source: Unicomp

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