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Corsair’s CEO promises 16.8 million colors within 8 weeks

Corsair’s CEO, Andy Paul, just posted an update to the Corsair RGB debacle:

“I have read several forum comments from RGB keyboard customers asking about 16.8 million color support. I know we have been updating customers on the status and challenges of our 16.8M color software development work on our forums but I wanted to give you a personal update.


When we designed the RGB keyboards, our goal was to give users the ultimate gaming keyboard with the most advanced color customization and lighting effects available. We achieved these goals with unique multi-color per key lighting, layered animation effects, and extensive customization software. We also planned and promised support for 16.8M colors. The keyboard and its lighting controller was designed to support 16.8M colors, and while we have made progress with this we do not yet have a software solution that provides a better overall lighting experience than the current version.


I believe, and hope most of our customers agree, that we’ve built the most advanced gaming keyboard on the market, but we have more work to do. Based on recent feedback from our QA team and customers in our beta program, our engineering team estimates it will take another 8 weeks before we can release a software update that supports 16.8M colors. We apologize to those that want 16.8M color support. We realize that this is a long time to wait, so we are continuing to offer customers the option of returning their keyboard to us by contacting us at [email protected] For customers that are enjoying the advanced lighting that your keyboard offers today, we thank you and we hope you like the new enhancements we are working on for you.”

As I mentioned in a post earlier today, the controversy started when Corsair’s K70 RGB and K95 RGB keyboards–the first keyboards featuring genuine Cherry MX RGB switches–advertised 24-bit color (16.8 million colors) but proved capable of displaying only 512 colors. Corsair has taken a lot of abuse over the issue already as well as accusations of false advertising.

What do you think? Will all be forgiven when they release the update, or is another 8 weeks too long? Corsair RGB owners, has your experience been ruined by only 512 colors? Let me know in the comments.

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