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Check out this mega-Cherry MX clone comparison

wscarlton on Reddit has posted the most comprehensive Cherry MX clone comparison I’ve seen thus far. In the Imgur album, he tests weightings of 35 genuine and clone MX switches, with some bonus commentary on feel and sound.

The following brands are included:

  • Cherry
  • An unmarked clone
  • Razer
  • Kailh
  • Outemu
  • Greetech
  • Gateron

It’s tough to gauge the quality of these clones, because no individual can test their longevity. For that, you need industrial equipment that can rapidly press switches tens of millions of times and a robust experimental research design. But wscarlton is taking the right approach–testing and documenting what he can effectively measure.

It remains to be seen which clones will float to the top as enthusiast favorites, although Gaterons seem to be in favor at the moment thanks to their alleged smoothness.

MX clones have flooded the market since Cherry’s patent expiration in 2014. Many keyboard manufacturers have switched to clones since then, generally to the displeasure of enthusiasts, although there are no clear data to prove whether the clones are any worse (or better) than genuine Cherry switches.

Image source: wscarlton

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