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Want an aluminum case for your Happy Hacking Keyboard? Register your interest here

Aluminum aftermarket cases are readily available for Poker-style Cherry MX keyboards, but not for their Topre cousin, the HHKB Pro 2. Only one design exists, and it was only produced in small quantities for the outlandishly expensive, multi-thousand dollar HHKB Pro HG and HHKG Pro HG Japan. Previous community attempts to replicate such a case failed; the projects were deemed to be too expensive and too difficult from a manufacturing standpoint.

That may be about to change, however. Long-time GeekHack community member and former owner of Mimic Cablesmistakemistake, recently obtained an industrial-grade CNC machine and has expressed interest in finally producing an aluminum HHKB case. If you dream of turning your HHKB into a solid brick of aluminum, head over to the GeekHack thread and let him know you’re interested.

Don’t have an HHKB Pro 2? Check out KeyChatter’s recent HHKB Pro 2 review, or shop online: Amazon,

In the meantime, enjoy the HHKB Pro HG gallery below. Remember, while this design may inspire mistakemistake, it is not a prototype or a concept image. It’s a real product, although not one that you or I will ever own 😉

Image source: PFU

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