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Win a Novatouch TKL from Cooler Master by taking this bizarre survey

Earlier this morning, Cooler Master tweeted:

Give us a minute of your time, and we give you a chance to win a NovaTouch TKL! Do the survey

Incentives in exchange for user feedback are nothing unusual, but when I entered the giveaway I was amused by the questions in the survey.

1. Have you heard about Hybrid Capacitive Switches for keyboards?

2. Do you know about the difference between a Topre Switch and a Hybrid Capacitive Switch?

3. (if you said Yes to #2) Please name the difference between a Topre Switch and a Hybrid Capacitive Switch.

Of course, there is no difference. The “hybrid capacitive switches” in the Novatouch are genuine Topre switches.

When previously queried about their conspicuous avoidance of Topre branding, CM Storm said, “We are creating informative content for ‘everyone else’, meaning the people who aren’t either involved in a mechanical keyboard enthusiast community or aren’t interested in reading the outstanding vault of knowledge you guys have … NovaTouch is a high quality keyboard, and comes with a high quality price tag, so we have to be able to explain things in a way for a wider audience to easily understand.” It’s not clear whether they’re covering for not having rights to use the Topre name, or whether they genuinely believe marketing the switches as “hybrid capacitive” will be a preferable strategy for mass market buyers.

The Novatouch, released last year, was the first high quality mechanical keyboard with Topre switches and Cherry MX-compatible stems. Cherry MX aftermarket keycap sets are readily available whereas Topre aftermarket keycaps are not, so the Novatouch is designed to allow the best of both worlds: Topre switches and easily customizable keycaps.

I have to wonder what Cooler Master plans to do with this feedback. Any theories? Let me know in the comments.

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