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Thermaltake teases new Poseidon Z RGB mechanical keyboard

This morning, Thermaltake posted a teaser headline and photo of a new mechanical keyboard: the Poseidon Z RGB. The photo shows a full-size board with an RGB backlit color gradient, suggesting that the Poseidon Z RGB’s backlighting will be configurable on a per-key basis. This is important, as not all multicolored backlit boards are created equal. For example, the Rosewill RGB80 features RGB backlighting but the keyboard’s controller only allows the color to be changed on a full keyboard basis, not per-key.

The Poseidon Z series is Thermaltake’s budget keyboard line. All previous Poseidon Z keyboards have used Cherry MX-compatible Kailh switches, so I’m predicting that the Poseidon Z RGB will feature Kailh RGB switches. These switches can already be found in keyboards like the Rosewill RGB80 mentioned above and the Tesoro Lobera Supreme RGB.

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More information as it’s available!

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