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Widebasket is WIDE: Leopold FC660C, Realforce 10th Anniversary, Topre keycaps & more on eBay

Are you in the market for a Leopold FC660C, Topre keycaps, a hard-to-find Realforce, or other high-end keyboard gear? You should check out widebasket on eBay. He’s a seller in South Korea and he exports a lot of good mechanical keyboard merch that is hard or impossible to find in the west. (Those FC660Cs are especially hard to find now that EliteKeyboards has stopped carrying them.) Here’s a roundup of some of his most interesting items:

Topre Keycap Sets

Leopold FC660C

Leopold Thick PBT Cherry MX Keycap Sets – these are amazing quality!

Realforce 10th Anniversary Topre Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

Realforce 104UK-Hipro – NEW!

He has many more hard-to-find mechanical keyboard items in his store, including Leopold FC750R, Leopold FC900R, and Leopold FC210TP numpads.

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