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Matias Ergo Pro production complete; pre-orders shipping soon

According to Edgar Matias, President of Matias Corporation and designer of Matias keyboards, the first batch of Matias Ergo Pro ergonomic mechanical keyboards has left the factory in China and pre-orders will ship soon.

The Ergo Pro is a 2-piece split ergonomic mechanical keyboard, similar to the ErgoDox and Kinesis Freestyle keyboards. Each side can be positioned and tented independently for maximum user comfort.

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The first batch will have Matias Quiet Click switches, but the company may run a future group buy for models with their Click and/or new Quiet Linear switches. Notably, if Matias does produce a batch of Ergo Pros with linear switches, it’ll be the first instance of the switches in an official Matias product. Although Matias Quiet Linear switches are already available to 3rd-party manufacturers, no keyboards using them are currently available. KBParadise is the only company known to be working on Quiet Linear models, having recently announced the V80 MTS-QL and V60 MTS-QL.

The first run is already sold out, but according to Matias’s website, units from the second batch can still be pre-ordered for $200 (with free shipping) and are expected to ship next month.

The Ergo Pro originally debuted at CES 2014. All Matias switches are based on the Alps Electric switch design, and are incompatible with Cherry MX switches. Currently, Matias is the only mainstream company still producing ALPS-inspired switches.

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