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Tai Hao PBT doubleshots now available for pre-order has just posted three Tai Hao Cherry MX PBT doubleshot keycap sets for pre-order.

Doubleshot PBT sets didn’t exist at all until Vortex released a series of them in 2013 (with extremely ugly legends), and until now, no other company has released a competing set. Doubleshot injection molding is usually reserved for ABS plastic, which is cheaper than PBT and easier to mold, but tends to develop surface shine more quickly during use. Doubleshot PBT is, in theory, a very high quality keycap. Read the Mech 101 entry on keycaps if you want to learn more about keycap manufacturing and materials.

According to, the new sets will ship within 2 weeks. The three color schemes, Dark Blood, Bumble Bee, and Orange & Black, are each priced at $49. See them here.

These sets will fully cover any standard winkey layout. If you’re not sure your keyboard qualifies, post a comment and I’ll help you.

My personal favorite is the Orange & Black. What about you? Let me know in the comments!

Update 2/12/2015: The Miami colorway is also now available.

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  1. Avatar

    The orange set is pretty great, I agree. Would make a killer Half-Life themed board. Am I the only one that doesn’t like alternating colors on function key groups?

    BTW, any idea how thick these will be?

  2. Aaron

    Same thickness as Tai Hao ABS, which is to say, not very:

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