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Giveaway: Win your dream mechanical keyboard, courtesy of!

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month, but instead of asking for presents, I’m giving away presents!! Totes CRaZy!

ANY mechanical keyboard of your choice from the KeyChatter mechanical keyboard buyer’s guide. Plus, you’ll get a custom, handmade in the USA soft keyboard carrying case to go with it – even pick one of our new special edition designs!

A soft keyboard carrying case of your choice, including any special edition design!

1 Kleenex tissue


Man this is legit cray-cray How win??//

I know it is. No purchase is necessary to win. Just three steps: 1) Follow KeyChatter on Twitter, 2) retweet this tweet, and 3) tweet me your dream keyboard with hashtag #DreamKeyboard.

This giveaway is single-entry. Do not try to game the system or you will be completely disqualified. 🙁

How long is the giveaway?

It will close sometime during the day on 2/28/2015, whenever I feel like it, so don’t wait until the last minute.

How will the winner be picked?

The TL;DR is randomly, but here are the details:

  • Sometime on 2/28 I’ll announce the contest is closed, and create a list of everyone who correctly entered the contest by following the 3 easy steps above.
  • I’ll randomize the rows in the list using Excel, and post the list publicly. People who made it into rows 1-59 will be finalists. Everyone else will be out!
  • When the Powerball numbers come out that night, the five white balls will be first through fifth place, left to right. The red Powerball will win the tissue. If there are duplicate numbers, some people will win more than one prize!

Don’t delay, enter now: 1) click the button below to follow KeyChatter now, 2) retweet this tweet, and 3) tweet at me with your dream mechanical keyboard with hashtag #DreamKeyboard! Yolo! ^______^

Good luck.

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