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Vortex vs. Tex vs. KBT vs. KBC vs. KBP: What are the differences?

These company and community names sound alike and are often associated with one another. What are the differences?

  • Vortex (full name Vortex Gear) is a Korean keyboard manufacturer most known for producing the and upcoming Poker III (POK3R) 60% keyboards. Many of Vortex’s keyboards were originally designed by KBT and KBC community members, which is why you often see keyboards branded as “KBT Vortex” or “KBC Vortex.” Although Vortex is registered in Korea, it appears to have operations in Taiwan and its products are made in China. English news can be found on Vortex’s Facebook page.
  • Tex is a Taiwanese keyboard company that’s released the Tex Yoda and Tex Beetle. Tex has no relationship with Vortex.
  • KBT is short for KBTalking, a Taiwanese keyboard forum. Keyboards like the Vortex KBT Pure and Vortex KBT Race were designed by members of the KBT community and produced by Vortex.
  • KBC is (or was, as both its websites are now defunct) a Chinese keyboard forum. Imsto, a community member known for producing dyesub PBT caps, is associated with KBC. Keyboards like the KBC Poker X and KBC Poker II were designed by members of the KBC community and produced by Vortex.
  • KBP is short for KBParadise, a new keyboard company based in Taiwan. KBP appears to be associated with community member Justin Wu, who has also worked with Tex. English updates are posted to KBParadise’s Facebook page. KBP sounds like KBT and KBC, but has no known association with them (or Vortex).

Are there any other related names you’re unclear about? Do you know something I don’t? Let me know in the comments!

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