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CM Storm Novatouch TKL now available

UPDATE 8/13: CM reps are saying that the launch was accidental, and no product is available.

The CM Storm Novatouch TKL has quietly been listed for sale on Cooler Master’s official website.

It is now available for $199.99 — a price that may exclude some buyers who were hoping for a ~$150 price point. No word on when 3rd-party retailers will receive units, or for that matter, which retailers will receive units. Cooler Master reps have said that the Novatouch is an attempt to create a new mass high-end keyboard market among consumers, so it is possible (though probably still unlikely) that it will be carried in some major brick & mortar stores.

The Novatouch is the first Topre keyboard to feature Cherry MX keycap compatibility.

Use coupon code Survey10 for 10% off.

Image credit: Cooler Master
Source: missalaire @ GeekHack

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