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HOW TO: Remove Keycaps

Removing keycaps might seem simple, but there’s a right and wrong way to do it.

First, make sure you have the right tool. Don’t use a plastic keycap puller, a butter knife, a bent paperclip, or anything that’s not a proper wire keycap puller:


Anything other than a tool like this, and you risk scratching or breaking your keycaps. Check the Buyer’s Guide for information on where to buy keycap pullers.

Second, make sure you have the right technique. Place the wire loops on opposite diagonal ends of the keycaps, and wiggle back and forth while gently pulling up.


Don’t put the keypuller square on the keycap, and don’t yank straight up without wiggling or you risk dislodging a stabilizer or even pulling a switch apart. Also, if you have a PCB-mounted keyboard, make sure you’re pulling on the keycap and not the switch itself!

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  1. Avatar

    For any Topre users out there, here’s a special warning on keycap removal:
    When removing the spacebar (here using the recommended wire puller is kinda awkward, but still possible) be very careful not to pull one side up too far or too forcefully or there is some risk of breaking the stabilizer stem off the opposite side. I speak from experience obviously. I’d say just pull as gently as possible while bracing the bar from above, so that when it does release, it doesn’t travel too far. I was able to repair mine, but it isn’t perfectly straight. Repair parts for Topre boards are not sold by the manufacturer (or anyone else really)

  2. Aaron

    Good point. With Topre I like to remove the modifiers to the left and right of the spacebar, and then use my index fingertips to pull it up, bracing from above with thumb, similar to what you mentioned.

    Also, EK does have replacement black Topre spacebars, but no stabilizers.

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