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Inaugural Post: Welcome to KeyChatter!

Welcome to KeyChatter, the world’s first daily news blog dedicated to mechanical keyboards!

This blog’s mission is to promote mainstream adoption of mechanical keyboards by providing current, high-quality information.

My core belief in creating this blog is that a keyboard is not a detail, and that is a theme you will see repeated over and over again. I believe that the market growth we’ve seen over the last year and a half is just the beginning, and as a keyboard enthusiast, I am excited for what the future holds. I want to see a day when electronics retailers stock an entire range of mechanical keyboards, not just one or two amidst a sea of chiclets and rubber domes. 🙂

Why this blog?

As you may know, before KeyChatter there was no centralized blog or news portal for mechanical keyboard information. Instead, news and reviews were mostly disseminated through discussion-based communities. While I strongly support and frequently participate in these communities, I believe there is room for a daily news blog, and that such a format offers unique advantages to readers, such as:

  • A curated selection of information, in contrast to the free-for-all nature of discussion-based communities.
  • Consistent logical and visual presentation of reviews, how-to guides, and other information.
  • Centralized organization of information. There is a tremendous amount of mechanical keyboard information online, but it is spread over numerous websites and formats, many of which are not well maintained.
  • A consistent, fair, and to the greatest extent possible, truthful portrayal of products, people, and brands within the industry. While public opinion is a crucial part of any community, too often it leads to people ‘repeating what they’ve heard’ without any real data (e.g., the backlash against Kailh switches). I don’t claim to be a perfectly unbiased source, but I do promise to prioritize facts and independent investigation over hype.

These bullet points are taken from the About page, which I suggest you read if you want to know more about my plans for this blog.

KeyChatter does not aim to replace existing communities — only to complement them and advance the industry and hobby as a whole.

A brief tour

If you’re new to mechanical keyboards and trying to get a handle on all the information coming your way, take a look at Mech 101. Mech 101 is a short series of lessons to get you up to speed. I created it after carefully studying existing “newbie” guides, and I think it’s now one of the best introductions on the net.

If you’re researching products to purchase, take a look at the Buyer’s Guide. It comprises two parts: a database of popular keyboards segmented by form factor, and a where-to-buy matrix. I have put considerable time into developing these resources, and I think you will find them useful.

If you need the definition of a specific term, try the Glossary. I created it after carefully reviewing all existing mechanical keyboard glossaries on the net, and I believe it’s one of the best. If you notice a term missing, email me using the tip form. On that note, if you have an idea for a story or want to pitch a guest column for the blog, shoot me an email using the tip form!

Things that are coming soon… how-to guides covering mods, repairs, cleaning, key remapping on Windows and OSX, and soldering. Plus, tons of videos, news, and reviews! I’ll be posting at least one new article or section a day, so keep an eye on the site. Sign up for the RSS feed if you like.

Also, add your name to the mailing list (see the right-hand sidebar) to receive emails when super-awesome things happen around the site. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you, and I promise to only send you awesome stuff that you’ll want to read.

Thanks for visiting KeyChatter, and I can’t wait to see you around the site!


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